股票 & 司法研究所


6165cc金沙总站于1971年在民权运动之后成立, 反战抗议和对系统性不平等的日益增长的社会意识.
根据6165cc金沙总站的创始承诺,“更大的社区,” the School has long been at the forefront of developing transformative community partnerships and programs. 6165cc金沙总站最初几年的重点是社区服务, 不仅仅是学生的行为, 而是学校本身. This practice was formalized in the 1980s through the idea of institutional service and the development of P.S. 艺术和, 二十年后, PS科学, both of which brought hands-on student instruction and teacher training to underfunded Title I schools.

2018年推出了 6165cc金沙总站股权 & 司法研究所, 一项开创性的, comprehensive platform to educate students on major social justice issues and utilize the School’s considerable resources to find impactful solutions to the world’s great challenges. Learn more about the Institute here and read on for some of the School’s key milestones in the area of equity and justice.
“I think the best way for independent schools to be embraced by their communities is to become an active participant in them. 只要私立学校只服务自己的学生, 不管他们做了什么, 他们将被视为精英机构, 有大门,有护城河,无法进入. 成为社区真正的一份子, independent schools must use their extraordinary resources and networks to get out into the community and make a difference.”





  • 1970s

Crossroads School is founded in 1971 with an inaugural class of 32 seventh- and eighth-grade students. 它的 哲学 includes a commitment “to the greater community” and a charge “to promote social, 政治和道德理解, 并逐渐灌输对人类和地球生态的尊重.”

Community Service is established as a requirement for graduation long before it became an expectation in many schools. Students serve as tutors at Head Start centers and the School earns a 1976 Santa Monica Westside Volunteer Bureau Distinguished Service Award for its “innovative Community Service Program,“Adopt-a-Grandparent.


  • 1980s

In 1990, 6165cc金沙总站公司承担了6165cc金沙总站合唱团指挥的费用, 西娅卡诺, 在棕榈中学开办合唱团项目. 两年后, Crossroads formalizes its institutional outreach with the establishment of the Crossroads Community Foundation (CCF). 由当时的校长保罗·康明斯领导, the mission of CCF is to develop and implement programs to serve the greater community. 学院还与当地非营利组织One Voice建立了重要的合作伙伴关系, 它提供“商品”, 为弱势群体提供服务和机会.“今天, the Crossroads community continues to volunteer with and fundraise for One Voice and the families it serves.


  • 1990s

1990年,CCF推出P.S. 由赫伯·阿尔珀特基金会和6165cc金沙总站提供初始资金. P.S. 艺术 provides children in underserved Los Angeles public schools with life-enhancing music, visual arts and drama programs that had been essentially eliminated due to budget constraints.

In 1993, 保罗·康明斯辞去6165cc金沙总站校长一职, 继续担任中华慈善基金会会长,成立新远景基金会, whose mission is to found schools based on the Crossroads philosophy and provide substantial financial aid. New Visions—today known as the Coalition for Engaged Education—launches New Roads School in 1995 and continues to be an active partner in the founding of new progressive schools, 比如位于洛杉矶市中心附近的卡米诺新学校.


  • 2000s

非常成功,P.S. 艺术在2003年成为一个独立的非营利组织. 今天, 它继续为近25名学生提供高质量的艺术教育,000 students in California’s most underserved public schools throughout Los Angeles County and into the Central Valley.

In 2004, CCF is reconstituted as the Crossroads Community Outreach Foundation (CCOF). With then-Headmaster Roger Weaver as president and then-Director of Institutional Advancement Gennifer Yoshimaru as vice president, 头两年花在研究上, identifying and evaluating a wide variety of potential partnerships and programs.

  1. 圣安妮支援委员会, 与邻近的第一学校圣安妮学校合作, enables Saint Anne’s founding policy of “exercising a preferential option for the poor” and providing those students with a quality education. 在接下来的几年里, the Saint Anne Support Council becomes a consultative board for Saint Anne School and raises more than $900,000美元,以支持为贫困工人服务的使命.

  2. 仿照P.S. 艺术, the new program PS科学 is designed to provide an engaging and exploration-based science experience to young children at local, underserved public schools where there is no science instruction in the early grades. 除了, PS科学提供了这两种材料, mentorship and training necessary for teachers to sustain the classroom program after two years.


  • 2010s

In 2010, Saint Anne School partners with CCOF; students in Crossroads’ classical music conservatory, 埃米; and SOL-LA Music to provide music education to underserved children. 随着圣安妮学校支持委员会变得越来越强大和独立, CCOF缩减了其参与.

In 2013, 得到了6165cc金沙总站持续的资金支持和资源支持, PS科学 expands to serve 625 students and employ 24 teachers in three local Title I schools. Five years later, PS科学 grows large enough to become its own separate nonprofit organization. 今天, PS科学服务2人,000 students at nine Title I elementary schools and provides science-instruction training and support for classroom teachers.

2018年, 6165cc金沙总站股权 & 司法研究所 启动. Derric J. 约翰逊被任命为该研究所的创始主任. 吸收和扩大CCOF的任务, the groundbreaking program is established to empower students and community members to take meaningful action on local, national and global issues through a variety of transformative educational curricula, 伙伴关系和倡议. 此外,股权 & 司法研究所 will serve as an incubator for future initiatives that serve the greater good, 也许最终会分拆出其他类似P.S. 艺术和PS科学.

Early work of the Institute includes organizing and moderating an interfaith panel in collaboration with the Guibord Center and co-sponsoring the 2019 conference “Rise Up for Humanity: Justice for the Forgotten” with USC and the LA County Human Relations Commission. 该研究所的 尤尼斯和索拉雅·纳扎里安股权公司 & 杰出法官讲座系列, 哪个是免费向公众开放的, 将知名演讲者带到校园, including Holocaust survivor Zenon Neumark and "How to Be an Antiracist" author and historian Ibram X. Kendi.


  • 2020s

演讲者系列继续带来著名的活动家, 学者和作家提供虚拟和面对面的演讲. Speakers include "White Fragility" author Robin DiAngelo; community organizer Dolores Huerta; poet Nikki Giovanni; and political strategist Ana Navarro.

该研究所举办了 儿童保护基金自由学校® 地点在6165cc金沙总站校园, a six-week summer literacy and cultural enrichment program for 50 students of color and their families from the Pico neighborhood, 从2021年开始.